Our tankers enable to transport a variety of goods. Depending on theneedswe choose tanker vehicles which give the possibility to maintain the temperature by heating(up to 80°C) or cooling(to -4°C)of transported goods. We also have tankers for the carriage of products labeled as dangerous (ADR).

We place great emphasison safety of products transported. Today we transport such products as glycerin, cocoa mass and cocoa oil, wine, spirits, pasteurized milk, cream, different types of oils - sunflower, soybean, fruit concentrates, vinegar, liquid foodstuff concentrates (egtomato sauce), fruit pulp (egstrawberrypulp), beer, malt barley and fatty acids.

We are a part of food industry: food and vegetable processing industry, vegetable oil industry, as well as alcohol production industry.

 Geography of our possibilities:

  • from Poland to Western, Southern and Eastern Europe

  • from Ukraine, Russia to Poland, Western and Southern Europe

  • from Western Europe to Poland, Eastern and Southern Europe

  • over Europe

Welcome to cooperate. We are open for negotiations!

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